This is our brand for our international clients. Our foundation lies in our strong presence in the local market, which enables us to effortlessly and professionally create packages. Thanks to our established position in the local market, we can customize any offer or package to meet the agency’s requirements. Previous clients who entrusted us with all logistics and supplier negotiations have exceeded their sales targets, focusing more intensely on reaching additional customers.

We trust that you will find our blend of products and services as compelling as other companies have. Naturally, we are open to discussing any specific requirements you may deem necessary for your company, and we are fully equipped to assist you. We are not just discussing ideas; we are committed to bringing those ideas to fruition.

Would you like to partner with us? There’s no better strategy than continuously enhancing your products!

Our brand, Barcelona de Noche, is the top choice for specialized nightly packages and products. With our extensive experience in the industry, we offer fully customized packages for both corporate and individual clients, ensuring a complete day-to-night experience.

This is our specialized brand designed for our Spanish corporate clients, who engage with us year-round to enhance productivity among their employees and foster improved communication across all departments of the company.

Our services encompass a wide range of offerings, including team-building activities, tailor-made corporate events created to specific departments, Christmas corporate events, and even family events for employees to enjoy on weekends.

In our Individual Client segment, our focus is on creating experiences that leave a lasting impression. The excitement our team brings to the table before and during the event ensures our clients’ utmost satisfaction. Examples of our events include consumer shows, birthdays, and wedding anniversaries.

Our brand dedicated to specialized luxury transportation and entertainment provides support to other brands regarding all types of transportation within B2B and B2C channels. From airport pickups to long-distance excursions outside the city, to in-vehicle entertainment within luxury vehicles for the pleasure of a unique experience. Buses, minibusses, Lincoln limousines, Hummer limousines, and disco limobuses with a capacity of up to 45 people, among others, are some examples of our transportation services aimed at enhancing a unique experience within the city of Barcelona.